Americans Expect More from Big Business & Politicians

The Public Affairs Council explored public attitudes and expectations for major companies and elected officials.

Here's what they found

Public Opinion Findings

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  • 10%

    say they have a lot of trust in major companies to behave ethically

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Major Companies Struggle with Trust

Only 47% of Americans have some or a lot of trust that major companies will behave ethically. And they see CEOs as only slightly more honest than elected officials in Washington.


have a lot of trust in major companies to behave ethically


say CEOs of major companies have high honesty and ethical standards


say elected officials in Washington have high honesty and ethical standards

Public Gives Major Companies Poor Marks on Executive Pay, Protecting Environment, and Supporting Local Communities

Americans like what they buy from corporations, but they're not impressed with business efforts on pay equity and social responsibility.

Do you think major companies are doing a good job in the following areas?

A Quarter of Americans Don't Approve of CEOs Serving on Trump Advisory Committees

More than 40% believe CEOs serving on presidential advisory committees are trying to increase their profits or become more popular with the public.

What do you think is the main reason a business CEO would volunteer to help the federal government by serving on a special committee to advise the president?